4 Benefits of a Strong Structure

By November 7, 2017 February 4th, 2019 General
  1. Rising productivity. People get more done and your business grows when you have the optimal structure.
  2. Above average engagement. Employees are empowered to be passionate about what they’re doing when they’re not encumbered by a bad structure.
  3. Strong customer satisfaction. Inefficient structures are much easier to spot when people are doing labor with their hands. Think about a busy ice cream shop where the workers are tripping over each other to serve people and the machines in the wrong places. It’s easy to see that if you move things around and change the workflow, then employees are going to be a lot happier and customers might get served faster.
  4. Few complaints about who does what. The people doing the work are most likely to be the ones seeing the problems caused by the inefficiencies in the structure. When you have a strong structure, you can ask people doing the work, “What would you change?” and they will say, “Not much. This is getting it done.”

There will always be complainers, but when you have the right structure you don’t get those people with the great attitude asking you, “Why do we keep doing it this way?”

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