Are you a successful business owner or thought leader? If so, you may be an ideal guest for the Ed Eppley Experience podcast!

The Ed Eppley Experience podcast is focused on helping business owners become more effective leaders, and giving them actionable and practical advice on how to take their business and professional management skills to the next level.

During a 20-30 minute interview, each podcast will provide its listeners with ideas and recommendations for building a Smart and Healthy business… a business that is truly sustainable.

We are looking for guests who are:

  • High-level executives, CEOs or owners of companies that are $20 million to $1 billion
  • Successful in the areas of leadership and professional management
  • Experienced in leading companies that are Smart and Healthy
  • Well-spoken, engaging and able to think on their feet
  • Confident enough to share not only the things that made them successful, but also their mistakes and screw-ups  

If this describes you and you’d like to be considered as a podcast guest, please listen to Ed’s previous podcast interviews, read some of his blogs, and visit his website to understand his purpose and his brand. 

Then email us the following information: 

  • A couple of paragraphs about your experience as a business leader and/or entrepreneur
  • Why you would make an excellent guest on Ed’s podcast
  • A list of topic ideas that you are prepared to speak on
  • Audio or video links to any podcasts, interviews or speaking engagements you’ve been a part of
  • Please email your information to:

If your experience matches what we are looking for, we will be in touch.

Thank you for your interest in the Ed Eppley Experience podcast!