Where executives, consultants, and business owners learn how to build a Smart and Healthy business that is truly sustainable

Through Ed’s insightful mini-casts and engaging interviews, listeners can expect to receive:

  • Expert advice on leadership and professional management
  • Tips and recommendations to strike the right balance between being Smart and Healthy and increase your company’s value
  • Current and proven business practices that actually work and ones that don’t
  • Practical ideas that solve problems and promote critical thinking 
  • Lessons that close the gap between what you already know and what you still need to know to be the most effective and successful leader possible
  • Courage and permission to do what you already know you should be doing
  • Insight about how to get more quality people into your company or team and how to get more out of them

The Content

Ed will be interviewing accomplished business professionals and successful thought leaders who have years of experience to share. 

His mini-casts are packed with short, practical and straight-to-the-point business advice that you can use today. 

About Ed

Ed Eppley is a successful serial entrepreneur and business consultant who has helped hundreds of businesses grow and scale. He is passionate about helping your business achieve the same success. Want to read more about Ed? Visit his bio.

Where You Can Listen

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